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I guess this technically was a comedy, though I wouldn't call it original by any stretch.

The voicework was not very good; it sounds like you're focusing more on making your voice as wacky as possible instead of focusing on the overall pacing and delivery of those lines.

The sentence mixing was average, the animation was mediocre, and it wasn't particularly funny. But what drags this flash down more than anything is the crappy subtitles, rife with spelling errors.

It was decent. The spriting was average, the voicework was average, and the jokes were average.

One thing you should fix is your choice of font for the captions. Because it's so slanted and flowery, it's extremely difficult to read. Swap it out for something a little more plain; whatever font you use for the transition cards will do just fine.

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Not bad at all. However, I would recommend that you not start the timer until after the player makes their first move.

I understand that she can only see the bubbles if she's looking in their direction, but since she only faces directly left or right, getting her to move straight up and down is a nightmare. Also, it's irritating that I can't seem to get her to face the opposite direction when I want, since her field of vision cannot turn gradually. Both these problems would be fixed if you would make more sprites for Derpy and let her face north and south, in addition to east and west.

Also, you must, must, MUST change the punishment for failing a level to something less extreme. Instead of being taken all the way back to the beginning of the game, maybe send her back to the start of the previous level.

For those of you smacking your head against pavement,
Trying to collect every last achievement,
HereâEUTMs some advice: Be mindful. Be wary.
Not every decision is purely binary.
For within some forks lies a third option, hidden.
Feel free to experiment; itâEUTMs not forbidden.
Now if you still struggle to find their hiding places
IâEUTMll give you another tip that may help you save faces.
Three lie in the mutantâEUTMs path, three lie in the boyâEUTMs.
The girlâEUTMs path, sadly, contains no such choice.
Does the location of these third choices still leave you vexed?
Where applicable, thereâEUTMs one right after learning your sex.
Know also, the difference between failing and not trying
Is the difference between success and prematurely dying.
ThatâEUTMs all the help IâEUTMll give. Make good use of my clue.
You may be surprised what fateâEUTMs in store for you.

FrozenFire responds:

Those apostrophes really ruined it though :(

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Very catchy.

My favorite part of the song is the part from 1:44 onwards, when the melody changes to C#,C,G#,D# and the background strings overpower even the pizzicato strings. You should run with that.

exotworking responds:

Hehe, I have no idea about that C#, C, G#. D# thingy. Gonna check that.

Edit: It´s actually A#, C#, G#, D# but you came pretty close. :D

I like it.

As for an alternate title, how about "Final Descent"? I know this music would get me stoked for the final confrontation with the big bad in his underground lair.

Tecknoobie responds:

Final Descent? Hmmm... I like it!


I've always considered the only good thing about hip hop was the accompanying music. This is no exception.

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